Planning and Budgeting with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Webinar: March 3rd, 2021 2PM ET

Wednesday March 3, 2021 at 2:00pm
Category: Webinars

Mythics recognizes that clients have unique needs when it comes to budgeting, especially as agencies plan and adjust to significant changes. 

Join us for this webcast and learn how Mythics has developed Oracle Planning into a solution that specifically enables clients to:

  • Understand why a connected and comprehensive EPM solution matters.
  • Mitigate risk through optimizing planning and budgeting, data management, and reporting.
  • Quickly respond to changes that occur during the budget cycle.
  • Model assumptions for economic indicators, and other revenue and cost drivers.
  • See real-time impacts of changes in one department across the entire agency. 
  • Have a complete audit trail of all changes over time to your model by scenario.


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