Emergency Surge Services

Mythics Emergency Surge Services help organizations lower risk in a cost-effective manner, while reducing strain & reliance on the internal team during a time of natural disaster or local, regional or national emergency.

Key Operational Benefits:

  • Deferred Payment Options: focus on getting the right support at the right time
  • Immediate Surge Support for Oracle Systems: Mythics’ remote team can be on-boarded in hours
  • Supports Remote Work Paradigms: flexible support during reduced availability of internal staff
  • Daily and Weekly Health Checks of Key Systems: ensures availability, performance of key systems
  • Database & Infrastructure Monitoring: prevents incidents and problems from occurring
  • Improved Visibility Through Reporting: ensures key stakeholders are informed 24x7
  • Focus Staff on Emergency Priorities: enable staff to focus on other critical service duties 


Contact the Oracle Experts at Mythics today:

(866) MYTHICS | surge@mythics.com | mythics.com/surge