Patching as a Service

Mythics Customer Care: Patching as a Service will keep your Oracle systems secure, compliant, up-to-date and running smoothly. Mythics executes thousands of patching cycles per year for our clients. Utilizing the latest best practices, and specialized automation, we handle the whole patch management process for you. 

 Key Operational Benefits:

  • Patch Assessments & Recommendations:‚Äč expert analysis and documented recommendations 
  • Reduce Risk and Vulnerabilities: keep pace with constant stream of threats and patches 
  • New Feature & Performance Gains: take advantage of benefits you are already paying for 
  • Focus Staff on Priorities: enable staff to focus on other critical service duties not system maintenance 
  • Improved Visibility Through Reporting: ensures key stakeholders are informed 24x7 
  • Cost Effective & Flexible Options: per event or subscription models that fit your schedule and budget 


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