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Oracle Solutions for State and Local Governments

Mythics solutions are at work today helping state and local governments in all 50 states provide better service by accelerating their transition from legacy IT systems to rapidly deployed, cost-effective, modern enterprise platforms. Tailored to the unique needs of each agency, town or school district, Mythics end-to-end Oracle solutions improve efficiency, decision-making, and accountability.

By integrating data from across all of a jurisdiction’s departments—from human resources and financial management to procurement and case management—our solutions streamline processes and enable real-time access to critical information, helping government agencies reduce the cost of delivering superior services to employees and constituents. In public schools, our customized combinations of Oracle applications, middleware, hardware and consulting services helps educators and administrators promote student and teacher success.

Serving State & Local Governments in all 50 States

  • State, County and City Government - Mythics and Oracle are helping State, County and City Governments from New York City (NYC) to Oregon improve efficiency, decision-making, and accountability. At the same time, they are reducing operational costs and providing enhanced services to employees and constituents.
  • K-12 (Primary and Secondary) - Mythics and Oracle are committed to helping schools from Hampton, VA to Austin, TX address today's challenging educational environment. Our solutions help educators and administrators improve teaching and learning, enhance student and teacher success, and support informed decision-making and transparency.

State and Local Government Mythics Whitepaper - "An Alternative Approach to Modernization" featuring Gary Foster the CIO/CTO of MBTA and MassDOT