HESS Consortium Collective selects Oracle Cloud as its Cloud-native ERP/SIS Platform through Mythics

Posted on February 17, 2021

The HESS Consortium Collective has announced the selection of Oracle Cloud for Higher Education as its single, cloud-native ERP/SIS Platform. Mythics, along with Drivestream, were selected for procurement, implementation, training and support using the Mythics contract for Oracle products through E&I Cooperative Services.

“Mythics is honored to be selected as part of the full-service team with Oracle & Drivestream to ensure a smooth and cost-effective procurement, implementation, training, and support of the Oracle Cloud for Higher Education,” said John Iuliano, Mythics National Sales Director. “We value our growing relationship with the HESS Collective and will continue to provide a high level of service and collaboration to ensure the success of the institutions for the years to come.”


Rebroadcast From The HESS Consortium Collective

Press Release:

The HESS Consortium Collective selects the Oracle Cloud for Higher Education
Solution as its Single, Cloud-native ERP/SIS Platform

Chief information officers and technology leaders from a group of 33 HESS Consortium member institutions- the HESS Consortium ERP/SIS Collective - have chosen Oracle Cloud for Higher Education as its new, common cloud-native ERP/SIS platform.

After reviewing a number of the major cloud-native software solutions, the group made the choice to select Oracle Cloud based on 1.) modern product functionality in Finance, Human Resources, Financial Aid and SIS, 2.) initial and long-term affordability and 3.) the ability to partner with the HESS Collective community in its vision to create a support and resource network for participating HESS Consortium member institutions.

The HESS Collective institutions were impressed with the modern functionality of the Oracle Cloud solution as well as its amazing scalability and affordability for our private, non-profit member institutions.  With their full-service team of Mythics and Drivestream selected to ensure a smooth and cost-effective procurement, implementation, training and support of the Oracle Fusion Cloud for Higher Education, the HESS Consortium Collective’s decision is one that will transform our private institutions’ ability to provide a high degree of excellence in ERP/SIS services to their campuses for decades to come.

By using the Mythics contract for Oracle products through E&I Cooperative Services, the HESS Collective institutions were able to negotiate exclusive HESS member pricing that was affordable for most all sizes of institutions in the HESS membership.  Not only are the initial costs incredibly affordable, the contract features 5-years at 0% increase and the next 5-years at a 0.4% annual increase.

“Finding a great software solution that was affordable was the central focus for our platform selection working group,” said Todd Norris, CIO at Saint Mary’s College – Notre Dame, IN.  “All of our HESS Collective working groups were focused on finding a modern, cloud-native product that both met our functional needs while being affordable to HESS private institutions with varying financial resources.  We are very excited that Oracle and their partners offered something that was truly groundbreaking to our private colleges and universities.”

“We believe that this partnership between the HESS Consortium, Oracle, Mythics, Drivestream and E&I will change the way private, non-profit institutions evaluate, purchase, implement and operate their ERP/SIS systems well into the future,” said Keith Fowlkes, Executive Director and co-founder of the HESS Consortium.  “The HESS Collective program has the potential to be a magnet for all private, non-profit colleges and universities in the U.S. for finding modern cloud-native ERP and SIS systems at amazingly affordable prices.  This is a true game-changer in private higher education technology.”

A common cloud-native solution also helps the HESS Collective participating institutions to work together to lower overhead costs in my areas.  The HESS Collective is also planning the HESS Collective ASSIST Support Network so that participating HESS member institutions can share technical and staff resources for planning, implementing and operating the Oracle Cloud solution with national best-practices for specifically private institutions.  Staff sharing is also being planned now for the Collective going forward which has promised to further lower operational costs for our participating HESS Consortium Collective members.

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