Mythics in Oracle Profit Magazine Online:  Lower IT Costs While Improving Performance with Exadata

Posted on April 25, 2011

Oracle Profit Magazine Online

by Alison Weiss

Oracle Platinum Partner Mythics is used to success and that includes being one of the first partners to achieve Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized status. With an all-Oracle focus as both an Oracle value-added reseller and a provider of consulting services, the company has also expanded from its roots serving local, state, and federal government customers to servicing clients in private sector industries such as healthcare and higher education. Mythics recently launched a practice working with customers focused on implementing Oracle Exadata Database Machine as a way to consolidate datacenter operations. This strategic move has led Mythics to be one of the first Oracle partners to achieve Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized status in Oracle Exadata.

Sloan Frey, senior vice president of Enterprise Programs at Mythics, is in charge of the firm’s Oracle Exadata practice. “It was challenging to be certified, but it’s exciting for us to be where we are right now. It’s helping us diversify,” he says. “We started out offering standard Oracle Database products and have hundreds of these implementations, then we added Oracle middleware and enterprise applications. Given our technical expertise in Oracle technology, [Oracle] Exadata is a logical next step and a natural fit for Mythics.” In addition to its recent OPN Specialized achievement for Oracle Exadata, Mythics also has achieved OPN Specialized status in Oracle Database 11g, Database Performance Tuning, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Data Warehousing, and Linux.

“Mythics is a premier example of how Oracle and our partners collaborate and thrive,” says Ted Bereswill, senior vice president of Oracle’s North America Sales Alliances and Channels. “Mythics has embraced every opportunity to keep pace with our evolving, expanding ecosystem. As an early adopter of Specialization, Mythics stepped up to confirm its expertise in the eyes of our customers, Oracle Sales, and Field Marketing. The result has been tangible benefits and even greater joint success.”

The OPN Specialized status is helping Mythics build customer interest in Oracle Exadata. Shane Smutz, Mythics’ consulting vice president of Sales and Business Development, says, “The certification gives Mythics immediate credibility with our customers in discussing additional architectural elements of their Oracle solution. For the majority of our previous engagements, our team has not focused on the up-front hardware recommendation and design. Our expertise was centered on implementing the software and providing high-value, complex IT solutions.” He adds, “The Mythics team is looking forward to becoming more involved in the hardware architecture and design phase that has typically been completed before our interaction with the client. The ability to add value earlier in the decision-making process will improve the quality of our solutions and enhance our interaction with our client base.”

It’s no surprise to Mythics that Oracle Exadata Database Machine is attracting growing interest from customers. Smutz says, “[Oracle] Exadata is a very tightly integrated platform. Customers that do an evaluation on the return on investment routinely find that the upfront expense is less than expected and the overall return is realized very quickly.” He adds, “One contributing factor to this is that customers do not have to spend additional time and devote dedicated resources to procure the software separately, the hardware separately, and then define the scope and cost of implementation services.”

What did surprise the company was the wide variety of customers seriously investigating Oracle Exadata. Chris Richards, Mythics vice president of Marketing, says, “We’re seeing strong activity and interest in all our market segments. We are actively working [Oracle] Exadata opportunities with medium-sized commercial, higher education, and state and local government customers as well as some of the largest federal agencies.” He adds “You would expect the larger organizations to be interested in [Oracle] Exadata, but we’re finding strong demand with some of the midrange to small/midrange organizations, too.”
One of the biggest drivers pushing demand across all organizations is the move toward datacenter consolidation. According to a survey published in 2010 by the AFCOM Data Center Institute, an organization for datacenter professionals, 62.1 percent of respondents are already in the process of consolidating one or more datacenters or are seriously considering it Frey says, “Consolidation is a mandate for federal government agencies. Other government and commercial entities are trying to do more with less, as their businesses are expanding and consuming more and more data.”

Smutz says, “We have had numerous discussions with customers with smaller IT budgets that are seriously considering [Oracle] Exadata because they are looking to consolidate and increase performance. [Oracle] Exadata is a way for them to get quicker, more efficient, and cheaper, leveraging a stable environment that’s pre-engineered, highly scalable, fully integrated, and completely suitable to whatever their processing needs might be.” He continues, “Because Oracle is doing such a good job messaging the value and marketing the [Oracle] Exadata solution, customers are viewing it as a real option to be considered.”

In an effort to continue to expand their Oracle Exadata practice, Mythics is building a technology briefing center built around an Oracle Exadata machine. The center of excellence will be based in Northern Virginia and is expected to be open in the fourth quarter 2011. Frey says, “We’ll be able to use it to demonstrate Oracle products such as Oracle Business Intelligence running on [Oracle] Exadata and show customers the product’s full capabilities.”

Smutz says, “The center will help demonstrate that we understand not only the technical challenges but the business challenges our customers face. Our philosophy, that drives us every day, is to be accountable for our customer’s success. We want to be involved and add value across the full lifecycle of their decision-making, procurement, implementation, and ongoing support of their investment in Oracle technology.”