Oracle Press Release Feat. Mythics: Oracle Achieves DISA Impact Level 5 Provisional Authorization

Posted on December 17, 2019

Rebroadcast from Oracle

Press Release:

Featuring comments from Paul Seifert, Mythics Sector President

Oracle Achieves DISA Impact Level 5 Provisional Authorization for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

U.S. Federal and Department of Defense customers now can benefit from the power of Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure

Following closely on the heels of Oracle achieving FedRAMP authorization, Oracle today announced three new government regions: Ashburn, Virginia; Phoenix, Arizona; and Chicago, Illinois. These regions have achieved DISA Impact Level 5 provisional authorization (IL5 PATO), providing a cloud environment where U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal customers can harness the power of Oracle Cloud to unlock innovation, improve mission performance, and enhance service delivery.  

This is an important milestone in Oracle’s journey to deliver innovative cloud services with consistent high performance and exceptional security to the entire U.S. government. In 2020, Oracle plans to bring additional full-scale Gen 2 Cloud Regions online to support the classified missions of the US Government.

 “U.S. DoD and other Federal customers are continually looking for new, secure ways to improve citizen services and keep our nation safe,” said Don Johnson, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud was engineered to deliver highly secure, high-performance, cost effective infrastructure that helps government organizations address the needs of the nation today and tomorrow.” 

Oracle has been a long-standing strategic technology partner of the U.S. government. Today, more than 500 government organizations take advantage of Oracle’s industry-leading technologies and superior performance. State, local, and federal government customers using Oracle to modernize their technology include Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) and the U.S. Air Force 

The Department of Defense recently awarded a contract to Oracle for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to support a large portion of the enterprise human resource portfolio. The award modernizes existing infrastructure and will assist the Defense Manpower Data Center in providing necessary human resource services and capabilities to its military members, veterans and their families.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, customers benefit from best-in-class security, consistent high performance, simple predictable pricing, and the tools and expertise needed to bring enterprise workloads to cloud quickly and efficiently. In addition, Oracle now provides organizations with a complete set of solutions for any high performance computing (HPC) workload, enabling businesses to capitalize on the benefits of modern cloud computing while enjoying performance comparable to on-premises at a lower cost.

“Oracle Cloud Infrastructure brings incredible performance, flexibility, security, and cost-savings benefits to our federal civilian, commercial and higher education customers,” said Paul Seifert, Federal Sector President, Mythics, Inc. “Mythics’ DoD customers will now be able to leverage Oracle Cloud to better serve the unique requirements of the DoD at home and abroad.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has achieved certifications and attestations for key security standards and compliance mandates. These independent third-party assurance programs demonstrate Oracle’s commitment to security and to meeting the needs of the public sector. These IL5 PATO government regions will launch with initial Oracle services including VM and Bare Metal Compute (CPU and GPU), Storage (including archive, block, and object storage), Database, Identity and Access Management, Key Management Service, Load Balancer, and Exadata Cloud Service.

“We’re excited to see the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure achieve DISA Impact Level 5 provisional authorization, as it provides additional options that our federal government clients — especially those seeking to migrate large and complex Oracle-based solutions to the cloud — can leverage,” said Anthony Flake, managing director of Accenture Federal Services’ Oracle practice.


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