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Posted on August 20, 2009

Mythics Data Analyzer: Provides the Foundation for More Informed Business Decisions for Smaller Organizations.

Data Analyzer 3.3 extends the Mythics commitment to leverage Oracle technologies, to enable smaller organizations with reporting and analytics normally associated with large enterprise organizations. Mythics Data Analyzer extends real time reporting and analysis capabilities to non-technical end users, via a simple web platform that generates powerful dashboards, alerts, ad-hoc and canned reports from nearly any data source.

Enhancements across the Data Analyzer platform include:

  • New Ad-Hoc Report Types:  Mythics Data Analyzer version 3.3 now contains over 15 different types of reports and charts including 6 new Chart Types enabling a more crisp display.
  • Enhanced Formatting of Canned Reports:  Mythics Data Analyzer 3.3 offers significant enhancements to the formatting control of reports built with the platform, including more control over the look and feel of Canned Reports.
  • Support for Sub-Queries within Canned Reports:  Mythics Data Analyzer 3.3 now supports the use of "Sub-Queries" within a Canned Report definition. Sub-Queries are queries that can be broken out and defined outside the main query and then have their definition merged back into the main query. This functionality enables report writers the ability to create report definitions that exceed predefined character limits.
  • Support for Procedure Calls within Canned Reports:  Mythics Data Analyzer 3.3 now supports the use of "Procedure Calls" within a Canned Report definition. Procedure Calls can be used to call database stored procedures that may be used to generate and/or populate staging tables needed within the main query of the Canned Report. These procedure calls can also use any parameters entered in by the end user during the running of a report.
  • Expanded Sharing Capabilities:  Data Sets (defined by Data Analyzer administrators and used by non-technical end users to build and run ad-hoc and stoplight reports used standalone or within a dashboard) can now be shared to specific users or groups of users leveraging the Data Analyzer platform. These expanded sharing capabilities will reduce the workload of Mythics Data Analyzer administrators and allow faster distribution of reports and dashboards to the end users.

"Mythics is committed to helping our customers make better informed business decisions while unlocking the value of their existing or future Oracle investments," said Chris Richards, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Mythics. "With the release of Data Analyzer 3.3, our Higher Education, State and Local Government, Commercial and Federal Customers gain an affordable, secure, centralized platform where reliable reports can be built, analyzed and distributed from nearly any data source in their enterprise.

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