Oracle Hardware


Oracle servers from Mythics deliver the performance, availability and efficiency required in today’s on-demand IT environment. Featuring built-in virtualization, cloud enablement and systems management, these industry-leading systems are optimized to run Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. Plus, they support industry leading software for Oracle and non-Oracle applications and solutions.

Mythics Oracle Hardware Portfolio Includes:

  • SPARC Servers 
  • Oracle SPARC SuperCluster
  • Oracle NETRA Systems
  • Oracle x86 Systems
  • Fujitsu M10 Servers

Mythics Agile Convergence and Management Solutions

The Mythics Agile Convergence and Management Solutions cover the entire stack, from Hardware up into the Application, and monitors how users interact with the systems. This is accomplished by combining Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c (OEM13c) with one of the most flexible converged hardware platforms, the Oracle NETRA Modular System.  Mythics Agile Convergence experts assist our customers in quickly maximizing their return on investment by helping to configure and deploy Oracle NMS and OEM13c to meet each unique requirement.

The following are a videos and system demos that will introduce you to some of the many capabilities this solution enables:

Whether your IT role is in a federal or state & local government, a healthcare provider, an institution of higher education or a commercial enterprise, Mythics’ efficient procurement process can streamline your acquisition of Oracle hardware. Our pre-competed and pre-negotiated procurement vehicles (including GSA Schedule GS-35F-0153M and TCPN #R141801) feature competitive pricing, flexible financing and pre-approved terms and conditions that all work together to optimize your IT dollars and accelerate your return on investment.