Agile Convergence and the Oracle Netra Modular System


Convergence is defined as two or more distinct entities coming together. In the IT world, this term refers to the combination of two or more different technologies into a single device. The most common implementation is one of the plethora of solutions, which combine a hypervisor (used for virtualization) with computer nodes and managed through simplified interface with the option of a network or storage solution being bundled into the solution. The often made promise is a lower cost of ownership, often with the limitation that the entire workload can run virtualized with the same technology, and that anything beyond the operating system is out of scope for the management solution bundled with the system. These solutions do deliver part of the promise to lower the cost of ownership, but there are some critical flaws with the standard approach of forcing the business to run all workloads on a single hypervisor using some basic administration software that has limited visibility above the operating system. 

Oracle (NMS) - Agile Convergence Introduction - (Video Tutorial)



Mythics’ , in partnership with Oracle, can provide a solution that covers the entire stack, from Hardware up into the Application stack, and even into monitoring how users interact with the systems. This is accomplished by combining Oracle Enterprise Manager with one of the most flexibly Converged hardware platforms, the Oracle Netra Modular System.  The Oracle Netra Modular System (NMS) is a converged, pre-integrated and tested platform that delivers several benefits not found in competing systems. Its innovative architecture uses plug-and-play blade system type management, allowing faster time to bring up and scale up new services without sacrificing performance or flexibility that accompanies traditional blade systems. The NMS takes the best features of both the blade architecture and traditional rackmount servers. Features from legacy blade systems such as centralized management, simplified cabling, and plug-and-play servers and keeping the best features of rackmount servers including larger RAM, CPU, I/O and disk capacity. The NMS does this while addressing many of the shortcomings of legacy blade systems including form-factor constraints and the use of proprietary hardware. The NMS also addresses the shortcomings of traditional rackmount systems including the complicated system and cable management. With the NMS, both virtualized and bare metal workloads can be quickly deployed and monitored, allowing bare metal deployments to co-exist in the same frame that Oracle VM or VMWare virtualization is used. This enables a much lower cost of ownership, and also an improved return on investment when compared to legacy converged systems. 


A converged solution is nothing without powerful management software that can address the entire stack, from hardware to application. The Agile Converged solution is powered by Oracle Enterprise Manager,  the industry’s first complete cloud solution that includes self-service provisioning,  policy-based resource management, integrated chargeback and capacity planning with complete visibility of the physical and virtual environments from applications to disk. It is the first tool that allows an administrator to provision, patch and monitor an entire application stack, from Operating System, to Database, into Middleware and even into the application itself. Enterprise Manager 13c also introduces improved Security features for the Databases, with a new plugin that provides fine grain access control, called Flexible Database Access Control. This new Enterprise Plugin allows the Security Administrator to limit the ability of an Enterprise Manager user to specific functions within a database. A common example is granting a developer the privileges to look the execution plan metrics, without having access to see Security, Schema Objects, Data, or Administration information for the database. EM13c also enables storage management, enabling not only monitoring and chargeback functionality but also the ability to delegate storage administrative tasks like provisioning.

Oracle Enterprise Manager is not limited to Oracle technologies. It has the ability though plugin’s to Monitor and manage technologies used by the entire Enterprise. This includes infrastructure technologies like VMWare ESX, Operating systems like Microsoft Windows and storage from companies like EMC and Netapp. For the database, it also can monitor Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2 and Sybase ASE to name a few. Users of middleware technologies like Tomcat, Websphere and Microsoft IIS are also covered. For more information, please reach out to your Mythics’ representative. 

The following are a few videos that will introduce you to some of the many capabilities this solution enables;

Oracle NETRA Modular System (NMS) - Using OEM13c for NODE Management

Oracle NETRA Modular System (NMS) - Using OEM13c to Manage Oracle FS1-2

Oracle NETRA Modular System (NMS) - Using OEM13c for HOST OS Management

Oracle NETRA Modular System (NMS) - Using OEM13c to Monitor Database Management

Oracle NETRA Modular System (NMS) - Using OEM13 for Application Monitoring

Oracle NETRA Modular System (NMS) - Using OEM13c for VMWare Management